About us

We all dream, don't we? And so ever since we started our company we had a dream to create a software for modern eCommerce ecosystem, but never thought of proceeding as there were tons out there. While there were many open and closed source systems available on Internet, and some of them were even FREE, we always found that they all lacked the user experience that a typical eCommerce software should have and that we feel comfortable to use on a day to day basis.

And then one of our clients came to us because he wanted "Shopify" to be self hosted on his servers. He said he was expanding his business and Shopify seemed to be a costly affair to him. And so began our search.

We started our hunt for a software that we could use. Having used an open source software for our website at RoastedBytes.com and a couple of our clients, we thought that it was a good software that was not only open source but had a good active community, however little did we like about the architecture it provided. It had a tight coupling with EntityFramework that we think is quite performance eater for small to medium queries.

Finally we thought it'd only be logical for us to write something from scratch according to our (and his) needs and what we thought would be better for scalability of the software. And so we decided to write EvenCart software using ASP.NET Core (because we like .NET as much as we love coding) and our own ORM dotEntity.net (that has it's own little story). And while we were deciding on the UI, we really liked Shopify's liquid language. And so we decided to use liquid template engine for our views.

So here we have it. EvenCart a FREE eCommerce software built on top of ASP.NET Core, dotEntity and liquid view engine. 

Download it, install it and announce it.