Feature Highlights

It's Hybrid. It's Headless.

  • Fully Customizable

    The software functionality is fully customizable with the use of plugins. And if you are more into the code level customization, get in touch for source code

  • Integrated API

    Every single operation has a corresponding API endpoint. That means you can create client side SPAs like Angular or awesome mobile apps.

  • GDPR/PCI-DSS Compliant

    The software out-of-box is GDPR and PCI-DSS Compliant, so that your customers don't have to worry about their personal data steal.

  • SEO Optimized

    The API and default theme are written with SEO in top corner of the mind. After all what's the use of an online shop if it's not visible in search engines.

  • Sql Server or MySql

    EvenCart can be installed to use either SqlServer or MySql. Just select your database during installation and it's done.

  • Pluggable and Extensible

    The software is fully extensible with Plugins and more and more plugins are being added to our marketplace.

Render HTML at Server or Client or Both

EvenCart uses liquid rendering view engine to render liquid pages. This results is pre-rendering of html at the server. At the same time the integrated API allows you to use themes based on client side frameworks such as Angular or within your mobile app.

Manage your catalog with nested categories

With easy category editor, create new nested categories quickly and manage your efficiently.

Customize your GDPR Policies

EvenCart is GDPR compliant out of box. You can setup your own consents and cookie policies from administration. The software automatically logs the history of consents.

SEO is the first priority

EvenCart let's you control the meta elements of your product and content pages and automatically renders JsonLDs and meta tags.

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